Nova Six

Purpose is found in those glowing blue eyes.


Name: Nova Six
Origin of Name: Shuttle name in the manual example, found near Birth Silo.
Mark: Four
Age: Eight Years (Cycles)
Height: 6’ 5"

Voice: Static coming through a radio, becomes more distorted with volume.

Description: A hulking mass of metal built on several humanoid, bipedal legs. The build nearly mimics that of an adult male, but the chassis only protects the upper torso instead of the pivotal parts below. The lack of metals means that Nova was built for speed and strength rather than durability- and it shows. One of his arms is currently damaged and incapable of movement thanks to a severed control cable. Though Nova is a keen hunter and tracker, he often finds himself on the wrong side of more intelligent Rachtus. This is due to his aggressive and off-putting nature and tendency towards efficient kills. Though he had a few friends for a time in the Sky Wardens, he found that trust was the worst mistake he’d ever made and since then has wandered alone. His head is very skull like with two glowing blue eyes docketed deep into the main plate. Heat-guards block hyper sensitive areas to make his appearance at a distance almost skeletal and he towers above most Rachtus.

Weapons and Gear: Nova carries with him a Shock Spear. Standard weaponry for Rachtus on Rachtus combat. The spear is retro fitted with a battery, constructed often out of long strips of conduit with grounding clamps for the user to hold. The battery is routed up and along the external portions of the spear and then tapered back down where it completes the circuit, charging the weapon so it delivers powerful EMP-like blows.

Against more advanced chassis this is virtually useless for anything other than minor disruption, but against weaker chassis it will rend the victim incapable of acting for up to a minute.

Armor wise, Nova wears what scrap he can pull from other machines and bind using broken pipe and wires. He covers most of his exposed mobility points with this, but he leaves enough room for semi-fluid movement. He wears part of an old pilot’s helmet on his head and dons an ancient cape from the Park of Jurrasic.


The whimper and hiss of a downed machine. Nova could feel it in his servos, the fragile life of the creature leaking free. When the lights of the poor MK. 2’s eyes finally faded Nova wrenched his Shock Spear free of the chassis. They were lesser, meant to be salvaged.

He crouched down and took his good arm to the panels on the bot’s side, prying open a small screwed safety lock with his fingers. Wires, and tons of them. Perhaps one of them would be the connection he needed to fix the broken line in his arm.

He tugged at a satchel on his side, taking to his knees from a squat to dig, and pulled free his frayed cable. Of course it was nearly destroyed, but the key components were there. Something like a copper material, thin yellow lining- and then a white membrane. His last hunt had bore no fruit thanks to that unfortunate detail, everything else was there.

For nearly an hour he ripped at the small bot’s innards, looking for the missing piece to his build, but there would be no such luck. Not this day.

An electronic growl of frustration, crackling with violent static, was emitted and he rose slamming his foot against the limp machine. Its innards and fragments scattered into the rubble and Nova departed with a toss of his cape.

More must die this day, lest he bear one arm for eternity; and should he manage to repair himself- Exodus would pay dearly for the inconvenience.

Nova Six

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