>^,O{ // Pl4sT3s=

dubbed "Plastes", the Lumbering Dronesmith


Unit Manufacture Serial [Err. Corrupted Entry]: >^,O{
Base64 Encoded Serial: Pl4sT3s=
Alias: Plastes

Rachtus Mark 3.v2
Cycles since Activation: 4518 (Est. 12.37 years)

Diagnostic Information:

Cumulative Statistics:
- Estimated Clearance: 2.18m (7ft. 2in.)
- Estimated Mass: 177kg (390 lbs)
- Communication Medium:
Text sent via wireless Communication
May be accompanied by modulated ringing groans wails or roars
Initially does not know how to speak

Currently Outfitted Modules:
As a Mark 3.v2 Rachtus, the self-proclaimed >^,O{ , or better known as “Plastes” is essentially only one of many mass produced Neural Networks of Processors arranged in a chasis vaguely in the shape of a faceless upper portion of a skull, littered with modular slots, plugs, and ports, and a Memory bank dangling from a ribbon cable representative of a brainstem. Built for general purpose use in a multitude of potentially rapidly changing industries, the Mark 3.v2’s bodily components vary greatly and could be swapped as needed.

Plastes’s primary components in their current module schema consists of a piecemeal head with a non-standard jaw mounted via a separated, elliptically-arranged throat and spine to a gargantuan fiberglass panel and Titanium-Palladium alloy chassis that contains a chem tank system built for polymer synthesis. The upper portions of Plaste’s head is locked away behind a blocky, oblong DU casing tapering into four fins, and sporting a single vertical bar sensor; whilst the jaw has been supplanted by a dense, angular replacement bearing two auxiliary visual sensors in the horn-like chin. When Plastes is threatened the head will crane back and lock into the shield-like six-plated impromptu voicebox on the throat, and the abdomen will collapse and seal shut, closing off the entrance into the drone assembly bay located in Plastes’s wide bulky pelvic chassis. There’s a distinct visual difference in the manufacture of Plastes’s limbs, as the arms appear to be massive appendages classically composed of smooth stainless steel plating, hydraulics, and servos, which nearly drag the ground in a gorilla like fashion. While the legs are a cased digitigrade structure composed of a synthetic mimicry of ungulate tissue, jointed with metallic hard points, and capped in treaded fiberglass hoof boots with a brace on each ankle much like that of a standard prosthetic leg. Instead of traditional metal armoring, padding Plastes’s body on the chest, rear, groin, and thighs is a set of hefty kevlar sacks containing nanocellulose-silicate gel armor, which would shift and shake as the automaton lumbers about it’s duties… had it any.


Auxilary Equiptment:
Akin to a significant quantity of Rachtus, Plastes has adopted strange means of dress and adornment, yet – unlike more properly sized and proportioned Rachtus – is unable to directly wear most conventional clothing looted from former Homnid habitats. For this reason, Plastes bears improvised tools and clothing from ransacking the incomplete commercial/residential district of the industrial park they have inhabited for years. The dulled and stained outer covering of a navy suede sofa chair was the only thing Plastes could manage to have functionally fit their torso chasis. Holes to slide their arms and head through have been made in the seat and arms of the covering, and the entire bottom of it had been torn away in the process of removing it from the chair. Despite this, this impromptu shirt is snugly fit, and doesn’t cover below the mid-riff, leaving the entrance to the drone bay exposed. in similar fashion, Plastes had crudely torn a fitted sheet in two, and tied them to drape below the shoulder asymetrically as sleeves to cover the gaps in the inner plating around the elbow joints. A split translucent purple cloth drapes between Plastes’s three sensors via a spandex band secured behind their headplate’s fins, and a chic patterned rug in white, purple, and black hanging as a form of kilt from a belt of steel concertina wire entwined in saw chain, only mostly covering Plastes’s upper legs, as a spare hydraulic gasket can be seen lodged onto the most visible leg. Hanging from the rear of the mangled belt is an old tacklebox, embedded into it lie a series of rebar rods, and a crude atlatl of which to throw them with improved dexterity, formed from a crushed entwinement of a small aluminum I-beam and a 9-iron.

Abridged History:
Plastes had not always borne such mighty components since the moment of their birth from the silos. In fact, they had emerged a lanky skeletal being, a meer frame in which to further modify. They came forth from the silos into a ransacked warehouse, an assembly line barely evident in the wreckage, and the bent and forms of Rachtus all scattered about it. Plastes had sniffed a faint faulty broadcast relaying in repeat over the warehouse’s regulatory network:
Standing Order: Rachtus … Create … Rachtus … Create … Rachtus … Create … Rachtus”
Only scraps of data in the form of procedures could be determined amidst the carnage that rust and brambles had already claimed. Sunbleach and nuclear shadows had already set into the surroundings from the numerous solar flares that had occurred in the time span that these surroundings were last disturbed. Most of the data from the surrounding bodies were irrevocably corrupted, some even actively damaging to Plastes, but from what could be known was the obvious signs of violence, Rachtus raiding and tearing eachother apart for salvage, and a vague sense that this had once been a place of creation and improvement for the Rachtus, not destruction and deterioration. Turning back to see the clawing and scarring against their own silo, others’ attempts to break in and harvest Plastes before they could even experience the succor of sentience, those were the formative moments for Plastes, as they equipped what scant modules were left hidden away in the facility and traversed into the wastes…
To Create. What exactly, it did not know.

>^,O{ // Pl4sT3s=

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